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Bio Remediation

The heart of the Microbial Remediation Process offered by Waste Management Total Solutions Ltd is a process where Microbes Eat Oil. The microbes in the product are cultivated, not genetically engineered, to eat oil and other organic substances such as paraffin, grease, creosote and aromatic hydrocarbons. They convert oil, petrol and diesel fuel to harmless, naturally occurring products environmentally safe for human, animal, plant and aquatic life.

This effective and cost competitive product is known as Bio Remediation. This consists of two main components; a mixed culture of naturally occurring hydrocarbon digesting microbes; a liquid formula with bio-catalyst and nutrients.

Bioremediation is the restoring of a surface, object, soil or groundwater to a condition that is not harmful to plant or animal life. Site investigations using dedicated drilling equipment and scientifically qualified personnel will determine the vertical and horizontal plume of contamination in the soil and groundwater and the results thereof will provide the criteria upon which the Bio-Remediation treatment programme will be formulated.

Our product and application will be introduced to petroleum-based contamination via fine spray ensuring the Microbes will track the migration path of the oil and digest the oil in situ. This will ensure that the correct environment is maintained for the Microbes to promote growth and efficiency.

Ground Contamination Example

Bioremediation the oil degrading bacteria and nutrients are introduced to the substrate and specifically designed bio-systems are employed to maintain optimum environmental conditions for the microbes. The oil degrading microbes utilise the spilled oil as their food source and degrade the oil into environmentally safe by-products such as carbon dioxide and water.

Scientists and soil experts employed by Waste Management Total Solutions Ltd retrieve soil and groundwater samples for assessment and analysis on a regular basis to determine hydrocarbon degradation rates. Upon the conclusion of the remedial programme a full site compliance survey is carried out to confirm that the treatment objectives have been achieved.

Waste Management Total Solutions Ltd adheres to the strictest clean up protocols and criteria to ensure that the hydrocarbon pollutants are remediated to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

The remediation program will remediate to any depth given time and regular applications of bacteria and nutrients.

Bore Sampling

Test Rig Simulation

Track Example

Sampling Application

Ballast Before Spraying

Before Spraying

Ballast Before Spraying 2

Before Spraying

Ballast After Spraying

After Spraying

Ballast After Spraying 2

After Spraying


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