Response Protocol

Response Protocol

 Environment and Pollution Control

Emergency Out-Based Response Southern Area

Waste Management Total Solutions Ltd offers a bespoke Oil Pollution Control Emergency Response Service, with a one stop call approach. We are UK Spill level 3 accredited with response units based at Southampton, Salisbury and Guildford to service South Central, South West and South East Coast, and recognised as preferred contractors to several regional Environment Agency offices in the South of the UK.

Operation and Area of Response

Waste Management Total Solutions Ltd have in position 5 teams of 2 pollution operators at Hampshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, Midlands and Kent

To service the whole of the:-

We operate 24 hours 7 days a week to any and all oil spills to Land, River, Ground or Stream within a geographical area across the whole of the South of England, a one call stop call and response, we would expect to be on the road within 20mins anytime and every effort would be made within the geographical area to respond within 2 hours. We are certificated waste carriers for removal of any and all hazardous wastes from site.

Response times would be regularly reviewed and targeted to achieve speed and efficiency as of our sub contractors engaged on our behalf, who must too attain our laid down Performance response criteria.

Teams and Contractors Competency

All response teams on responding to railways and railway infrastructure will be PTS qualified.  We may sub contract out to other PTS qualified preferred contractors as and when needed along with supply and operation of labour, machinery, diggers and tanker support.

(WMTS) have liability insurance to value of 10 millions and 1 millions Public.

(WMTS) are an accredited company to Quality ISO 9000-02 series Environment ISO 14001-04 and ISO 18001 Occupational Health.

Call Out

We will respond to the best of our ability within a 2 hour period to any reported and request to attend of the spillage within are identified area of control as per this document, we will respond with 2 operators and charges will be based on per person energise from the time the call is received throughout the time on site and return to base.